Athletic Clearance

Find instructions for athletic clearance, download athletic clearance packet and quick access to login links

aktivate requirements

In order to participate in RHS sports, all student-athletes MUST complete an athletic clearance packet with

Print out the forms that you will need to have filled out and notarized in order to complete your athletic clearance. You will still need to create an Aktivate account and upload the documents to your file in order for it to be completed.

**RHS is not able to accept hard copy / paper packets. All documents must be uploaded by parent to Aktivate.

  • summer workouts

    Athletic clearances for the upcoming school year need to be completed by summer workouts. You cannot participate without an EL2 physical form being uploaded to your Aktivate account.

  • tryouts

    All athletic clearances MUST be complete in the system. All e-signatures, documents uploaded and approved in order to attend tryouts.

  • season

    MUST have athletic clearance to play a sport at Riverview High School - no exceptions.

*NEW* Registrations Only

aktivate instructions

create an aktivate account
  1. 01

    go to login page

    Via desktop/laptop, not a cell phone. Click the blue button - Create an Aktivate Account or type and click on orange "Login" button on right side of screen

  2. 02

    Choose create an account

    You only need ONE account, even if you have children in more than one high school and/or junior high; Do Not create another account if you have used Aktivate in the past

  3. 03

    fill out personal information

    This should be the Parent / Guardian personal information, not the students

  4. 04

    You will use the site as a parent

    Click submit - when information has been filled out

  5. 05

    proceed to instructions below

    You will now setup your student(s) and complete their athletic clearance

If you already have an account, follow these instructions

Re-aktivate instructions

login to aktivate account
  1. 01

    login to aktivate

    Click the blue button or type and click on orange "Login" button on right side of screen

  2. 02

    under blue parents heading

    Click the button labeled “Click here to start/complete athlete registrations“. (The first time you log in you will be asked to agree to terms and conditions.)

  3. 03

    Start/complete registration

    Click Start/Complete a Registration (upper left hand corner of the page). You will enter all of your athlete's information. Use your students full legal name.

  4. 04

    choose New registration

    Once you enter all of the player info, choose New Registration button on right hand side of screen.

  5. 05

    registration checklist

    Complete all required tasks on checklist by clicking on each red bar. Once complete, the bar will turn green and new item will pop up.

  6. 06

    Complete all items

    Complete all electronic documents, e-signatures and UPLOAD all physical documents required.